Plane rides, 100th birthdays and 4th anniversaries

So I know it's been a while since I've posted anything but I was putting that time to good use. I promise. I was trying to mentally prepare myself and Jason for our very first flight with Nathan. Nathan has a tendency to be one little hothead...hmmmmm...I have no clue where he got that from and so we were fearful that his hotheadedness would lead to the other passengers wanting to throw us out the moving plane. but the trip was a very important trip. You see, my grandma was turning 100. So I was not going to miss this huge milestone and the opportunity for Nathan to meet his great grandma for anything. Not even the threat of a screaming toddler was going to stop me.

So Thursday was upon us and we embarked on our journey across the country. Nathan did great but good word...the whole ordeal of trying to get our tickets and get on our connecting flights seriously aged us all by two years. I'll spare you all the details because that could turn into a novel but after all the stress of rushing from the ticket counter, through security, to our gate and onto our plane, I gave Jason the cheesiest grin and said, "Happy Anniversary!" as he gave me the death stare. I don't think the sprint through the airport was how he envisioned spending our fourth wedding anniversary. By the time we finally arrived at our hotel in Seattle we were all so exhausted that we just ordered pizza and called it a night.

The next morning we took some time to geek out at the E.M.P. Museum's Avatar and Nirvana exhibits. I figured it was the least I could do to make up for putting Jason through the trauma from traveling the day before. We had gone to the museum back in 2005 when my grandpa passed away and at that time, the exhibit was set up a little differently than it was this time around. While the Avatar and Nirvana exhibits were neat, we missed the overall sci-fi exhibit they had back in '05. They had things from Star Wars, the Alien saga and other sci-fi favorites. It could have taken us hours to go through the whole exhibit back then but this time we were in and out of both exhibits after only an hour.

After our excursion to another world, we headed to the Springhill Suites in Renton, Washington to meet up with the rest of the family. I haven't seen some of the my cousins since my grandpa passed away and I saw my aunts and uncles when they drove cross country to attend our wedding. I also got to meet my second cousins for the first time and introduce the family to Nathan. It was a lot of fun to be around family after such a long time. I think the little ones liked hanging out with each other. My cousins were so sweet and tried to entertain Nathan as best they could but sometimes the easiest option was to just show him Bubble Guppies on the iPhone. They were such sweet kids and I miss having them around. I seriously considered bringing them both home with us. Ha.

Then it was the big day. It was time to PART-AY! Grandma always said she was going to make it to her 100th birthday and she wasn't joking. She seemed very happy to have everybody there with her and we were glad to join her to celebrate such huge occasion. As much trouble as it was to get up there, the trip was worth it for me. It's not everyday that a person can say their grandparent turned 100.

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