Pain is like a ninja

After I do a workout I initially feel awesome but then the pain ninja sneaks in during the night while I'm asleep and I wake up feeling like an 80 year old. I hear snap, crackle and pop and I'm not even eating breakfast. Damn you pain ninja.

In other fitness news, I've signed up for the Austin Marathon but I'll be running in the half and hopefully crossing the finish line in one piece. We'll see. I'm sure I can get my mileage up by February. I think what's killing my progress right now is this heat. Good word. I went out for a run Tuesday night because I was kind of lazy and couldn't wake myself up for a morning run. It was still 95 degrees outside and I thought I was going to die. I managed to get in 3.5 milesdespite the heat and a week of not running. I've always wanted to run a half marathon but have never pulled the trigger and actually registered for one but now that I've finally registered for one, meaning spent money for it, I better get to work and get ready for the race. Plus, I'll also have my friend, Jenny, cheering for me. Jason is not a morning person, so I would always go run my races, cross the finish line, shrug my shoulders, trek back home and then go back to sleep. But this race will be different. After I limp over the finish line and Jenny has turned into an icicle, we'll go get migas. I'm a miga runner, not to be confused with chicken nugget runner.

And to make this post shopping related, because you all know I can't stop shopping, I ordered my first two pairs of Lululemon running shorts (on I ever buy anything not on sale?) after reading rave reviews on them. I hate running in shorts because they have a tendency of disappearing as I run and I've tried to wear running tights for as long as I could but it's too hot. So I caved and bought some new shorts. We'll see how they hold up and if they live up to the hype.

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