18 Months

I can't believe Nathan turned 18 months old yesterday. The first year seemed to fly by and while the days still jumble into one another, the months seem to be passing a little slower these days. If you haven't heard it on the news, our area of Texas is spontaneously combusting due to the extreme drought and heat we're experiencing. In one weekend we had 2 large fires flare up. One of which is still raging in Bastrop county and is only 30 percent contained. So with it being as hot as it is, we have been staying inside to stay cool. Being stuck in the house all day, everyday kind of makes the evenings and the weekends crawl so maybe that has something to do with why it feels like time is starting to finally slow down.

There are way too many things that I think are milestones so I'll give ya the Cliff's notes versions or the ones that might interest a non-parent.

The little booger has now figured out how to try and extract his boogers from his nose. Ewwwww. He has figured out that his finger fits perfectly into his nostril and assumes that's where it belongs. Kind of like building blocks I suppose.

He's running away from us these days and he can also self entertain himself which is nice because then I can get other things done like say...updating this blog. Yeah right.

He also likes to do laundry. He cannot possibly be our child. If he didn't look like me I would have thought we came home with somebody else's child because Jason and I both HATE, let me reiterate that, HATE, doing laundry. That is why I have enough clothes to get me through several months between loads of laundry. Sadly, my laundry hamper cannot keep up with the massive amounts of laundry I produce. Nathan's love for helping me with the laundry also counts as my workout because he will go grab an article of clothing and then I help him "jump" up to the washer to drop that article of clothing into the washer and then we repeat. So this new workout has kind of made me hate doing laundry just a little less because I'm multi-tasking.

Hmmmmm...oh...he's still not talking yet. I'm sure we'll all wake up one day and we will never hear silence again. If he takes after me, like he has for all his other quirky little personality traits, I have a feeling he's going to be one talkative guy. Because anybody that really knows me knows that there's not much you can do to get me to shut up. He does say moooo. And his favorite word is "da" which translates to "that". He'll ask what everything is and is able to point to da whenever we ask him where da is. So he comprehends very well. I guess he figures he gets pretty much whatever he needs or wants without having to talk right now, so why rush things. Although, if he doesn't learn to talk soon, I may need to look into the baby talk decoder from the Simpsons because while his comprehension of what we say is very good, we're still trying to learn how to understand baby talk and determine what each grunt means.

Not sure how much he weighs or his height at the moment. I need to schedule his 18 month well-check but I'm going to guess that he's around 28 pounds by the fact that Jason and I just about dislocated our shoulders carrying him through the airport on our trip to Seattle. My organs still feel a little squished after wearing him in the Ergo on our way home from Seattle. As far as his height goes, he's not getting any shorter. He just keeps growing and as of his 15 month appointment, he is half my height. It'll be interesting to see how much he's grown when we eventually take him in for his checkup and the dreaded shots.

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