4th of July Recap

The best laid plans never go as planned in our household. We had planned on spending Saturday at Matt and Mindy's, parent's lake house. Then I was supposed to run the Freedom 5K and then we were going to head of to the Lutton house to grill up some burgers and swim.

But everything got derailed because Nathan's little booty didn't want to cooperate. Literally. He had a diaper rash for a week that just got worse as time went on. We had been switching between diaper creams trying to find something to relive the rash and the pain. Finally, we ended up taking him to the doctor before the three day weekend. It was a diaper rash with a mild yeast infection as well. We were given a prescription for Happy Hiney cream that we had to get from Quick Pharmacy because it needed to be specially compounded. We were told not to give him anything acidic. But the thing that killed our weekend plans was that we were supposed to give him a bath every time he had a dirty diaper. I don't know about your kid but my kid is a little poop factory. On a normal day he can poop at least five times a day. So we were very afraid of what the weekend had in store for us. So we stayed home and watched his hiney and followed the instructions given by the doctor. After a few dirty diapers we thought it was cute how much he loved the bath but by diaper number 2,445,102, we weren't laughing anymore and were trying to come up with a plan to make the baths as short as possible. We somehow survived Saturday with our hair and our sanities in tact.

Sunday his hiney looked better and we just tried to veg around the house.

Then I woke up bright and early on Monday to go run the Freedom 5000. Let me tell ya...I don't know why I run. I hate running in the cold. I hate running in the heat. So if conditions aren't ideal I'm just hating life during my runs. I'm going to say that I managed to run it in 35 minutes. I realized into the race that I didn't activate my Nike + and so it said my time was 31:59 for 2.96 miles. Whoops. It wasn't pretty but at least i got out there and did it. It was my first official race since having Nathan. I managed to get home before Jason and Nathan had even woken up and so I just slipped back into bed and shut my eyes for a few more seconds.

When we all finally woke up, we started getting ready to go to the Luton house. I remember when I was a kid that I absolutely loved being in the pooll. I used to spend hours at the pool and so it wasn't a huge surprise to me that Nathan loves the water. It doesn't matter if it's coming from the hose, bathtub or he's kicking back in the pool, he's a little water bug.

If you didn't already know, Texas can get hot. And dry and we are currently in a very bad drought. So it was no surprise that the counties and cities all decided to ban fireworks this year. The 4th of July just doesn't feel the same without fireworks but I totally understand why the ban was put in place. I was also very surprised that people actually adhered to the ban. Last year Nathan somehow managed to sleep through the fireworks so I was kind of looking forward to seeing how he'd react this year. But no dice. Oh well. What can ya do. Maybe next year.

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