Keeping the faith

Jason and I decided a few weeks ago that we wanted to start going to church again. We had just one TINY problem. Yep. Our mini-micro-monkey-man was a cause of some anxiety for us. Do we take him into service with us? Do we dare leave him in the children's area at the risk of him busting everybody's eardrums in the room? Nathan only sees four people on a daily basis. Me, Jason, my mother-in-law and my father-in-law. So we just weren't sure how he'd react to new people. He also doesn't interact with very many kids on a regular basis and when he is around other kids, he tends to be oblivious to their existence. So one Sunday we woke up and started getting ready to go. Nathan was not feeling it and had a nuclear meltdown before we even left the house. Attempt 1=FAIL.
The next week we managed to actually make it out the door. We thought we had made it to the 11:30. Only problem...service started at 11:00. Attempt 2=FAIL. Although, the silver lining on attempt 2 was that we ventured over the children's building. It was a secure facility and filled classes based on state teacher/child ratios. So we decided to put him in a classroom and just watch how he did from outside the door. He did great! He's a sucker for cars or vrooms vrooms as he likes to call them and so he was instantly drawn to a huge truck. He saw us outside every once in a while but then quickly went back to playing. He played in there for 40 minutes before Jason and I decided we were starving. I think Nathan could have kept playing in there for a few more hours.
The next week we tried going to the noon service. Or at least we thought it was noon. Turns out it started at 12:30. We really need to re-read the website or we need new glasses. Since we were there a little earlier than our service, Jason was a little nervous leaving Nathan in there so long and with a different volunteer but we handed Nathan off to the volunteer 10 minutes before service. We did some singing, watched some video clips and as the sermon was about to begin, Jason decided to go check on Nathan to make sure he was doing okay. As I expected, Nathan was doing fine. We all survived or so we thought. Until a few days after service, Nathan started sounding congested. Then the snot started coming out of his nose and it hasn't stopped since. He's got a lovely cough but thank goodness it doesn't sound as scary as the croup he had back in November. He's still not 100% so we are just kickin' it at the casa. Jason wasn't very happy about Nathan getting a cold but hopefully it won't stop him from going to services in the future.

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