I gotta wear shades

Now that Nathan has SEVEN teeth chompers, we thought it would be a good idea to take him to visit the dentist. After asking around, we ended up taking him to Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry.

Nathan was curious and was checking everything out. He didn't know what was coming.

Finally, it was time to go into the little room for his dental check-up where he did a little more exploring.

We waited a few minutes before the dental assistant came in and started brushing Nathan's teeth and he flipped his bananas. He was not a happy guy. We held him and leaned him back into the assistant's lap and kept trying to calm him down but nothing seemed to work. So imagine the ear piercing shrieks that came out of our room when they had to break out the little electric teeth cleaner.

Yeah...let's not imagine the shrieking. I'm surprised I can still hear. Then came the SCALER. OMG. My child's teeth were so bad that they required the scaler. Oh dear lord. More screaming ensued. Finally, the cleaning and scaling were over and there was silence, quickly followed by some grunts from Nathan as he tried to break free of our grip to tear on down the hall to freedom.

Overall, the dentist said his teeth were in very good shape and that he had six more coming in. Let me just say...anybody who works with children is a saint. I can't believe how calm, cool and collected all these professionals were with a screaming, squirming toddler. Thanks to the great dentist and staff at Little Smiles, little man now has a bright, white smile to go with his shining personality. It's blindin'!

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