How to become a morning person

I always wonder what possesses people to wake up early in the morning to workout but now that we have Nathan the window of opportunities to go and exercise are very small. Plus now that it's 100+ degrees after work, I would have to be out of my gourd to go for a run after work. Until June, it would kind of cool down by about 8ish and Nathan and I would venture out for a walk but those days are no more. I could deal with the heat and have in the past but I worry that Nathan will just overheat. He's a mini heater as it is.
Trying to juggle quality time with Nathan, work, exercise, cooking and cleaning has posed an interesting challenge. I refuse to stay up until 2am, like J, to get in my workout. Plus, he's a night owl and I am neither a morning person or a night owl. I just like my sleep too dang much. At one point in time, my mom said I used to be a morning person but as I've gotten older *Cough. 29. Cough* it has become harder to get my took-is out of bed. Chasing Nathan around until 11pm the night before usually doesn't help.
I'm starting to get used to getting up early. I do have to admit that I like being able to take my shower, get dressed, do my makeup and hair without feeling rushed. And most mornings I even have time to make myself a cup of coffee and fart around online. Hopefully I'll be able to put this spare time to good use and start blogging more regularly. We'll see. One thing at a time. ;-)
And I'm happy to report that I think my early morning workouts are paying off. I am six pounds away from my pre-baby weight. Almost there. I'm confident that if I keep up with my new routine I'll be able to lose those pesky six pounds in no time.

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