Beating the heat

So apparently yesterday was the official first day of summer. You could have fooled me. It's felt like summer for at least the last couple of months. It's been hot for so long I've stopped keeping track. I'm so glad Nathan's walking running because I don't think I could go through another summer carrying all 24 pounds of him in this heat. My parents used to call me a water bug because it was hard to convince me to leave the pool. Looks like Nathan's going to follow in my footsteps of being a little water bug. Jason was watering the plants on Sunday and Nathan kept following him around in hopes to get his hands on the hose. His persistence prevailed and he finally succeeded in getting a hold of the hose.

I love how the simple things always seem to entertain him the most. We just never know what he's going to think is hilarious. He is definitely entertaining to watch grow and explore the world around him.

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