15 Months

I am such a horrible blogger mama. Time has just zipped by and it just dawned on me that he's now 15 months. So here's an update for ya. We took him in for his 15 month well check last week and all looked good. He is 24 pounds, 7 ounces and is 30 3/4" tall. His nogin is huge and is in the 95%.
He has 7 chompers but that was as of the last time that Jason had to put Orajel on Nathan's poor little gums. Nathan has no problems letting us know when he's got teeth coming in and as soon as one of us sticks our fingers in his mouth to apply the Orajel he chomps to try and relieve his pain. He hates teethers and only chomps on them for about two seconds before the teether ends up on the floor.
The biggest development is that he's WALKING! It started off as what a co-worker lovingly calls, the drunk toddler walk but now his little shuffle resembles the waddle of E.T. Now that he's conquered how to walk run away from us, he is now trying to figure out how to climb up onto and off of things. Nathan and I made a trip to IKEA last night and while he was walking all over the store, he would occasionally stop and try to scale the display platforms. We thought we were in trouble when he started walking and wouldn't have to worry about him getting into too much trouble for a little while after that. Boy were we wrong. Looking forward to the fun times to come!

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