On the road again...

After a month of sporadic workouts at the gym, I finally managed to go for a run this morning. I didn't plan on a run. I slept in my workout clothes and planned on going to the gym but somebody had other plans. Nathan woke up at 5:30 this morning and once I realized he wasn't going to go back to sleep, I decided to load him up in the BOB and go for a run.

Trying to run with Nathan these days can be hit or miss. Some days he loves running with me. Other days, I can barely run 100 feet before he starts screaming his head off. This morning was a good run. Maybe it was because he was still kind of groggy from his sleep. I did hear him garbling from the stroller as he saw a bird fly by but at least he wasn't shrieking.

As for my run, it went better than I expected. I had no ankle pain from either ankle. I was kind of nervous to run because my ankle had been giving me problems after wearing a particular pair of high heels at the office. NOT the ones that I fell in and caused my ankle sprain to begin with. Although...now that I think about it, I have no clue where those are. Anyway, Nathan and I managed to run 1.80 miles this morning. It's amazing how fast I heat up during my runs. I'm usually shivering as I walk out the door in my technical shirt and my compression shorts but within 5 minutes I'm beet red and sweating like a pig. Now that I've gotten back into running, maybe Nathan's 5:30 wake up time isn't such a bad thing after all.

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