My child is Dracula

Nathan now has about six teeth. He's got two top incisors and all four bottom incisors. It's so weird to look at him with his new teeth because I was kind of used to seeing his gummy little smile. Then all of a sudden. BAM! Teeth?!?! For the most part he's handled each new tooth fairly well. No fever. No major crankiness that couldn't be fixed with Orajel. But the other day I gave him a hug and the little bugger BIT me Interview with a Vampire style. He hadn't let on that he was in pain from a new tooth coming in. So I had no idea what prompted the bite. And why now? Six teeth into the whole process of getting all his teeth? Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't have wanted him biting me from the get go but I just find it odd that he just out of the blue decided to start biting. And so far, it's only me that bites. So are these bites love nibbles? He only seems to do it when he's happy or lovey. He's tried to bite me several times since the first bite and I never give him the chance for him to chomp. I scold him and tell him no and he just thinks that I'm a silly lady and goes back to his playing. I will be very happy when he moves onto another phase. Perhaps walking?

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