A Mother's Day weekend recap

Weekends always have a way of flying by and this past weekend was no exception.
Saturday it was just me and Nathan, while Jason went and detailed a car. I used to be Jason's partner for detailing cars but I had to stop after we had Nathan. I was more than thrilled that Jason managed to find a co-worker that was interested in car detailing as much as him and they now work on the cars together. Perfect timing. Because it is getting HOT here in Texas.

So while Jason and his partner detailed a car, Nathan and I went to go watch our friend Havilah Tower and the Seekers at the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market. That little outing of ours marked a few firsts. It was the first time Nathan got to listen to the awesomeness that is Havilah. Nathan loved it and was very intrigued with the sound that the cello made.

The second first for both of us was going to the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market. I love going to the farmer's markets here in town to get local produce but I always seem to forget to get out to one before they shut down for the day. Hopefully, Havilah and the guys will start booking more shows out there so we can visit with them and go to the market.

The third first has to do with food. We're slowly introducing more and more solid foods to Nathan. So while we were at the farmer's market, I bought a YUMMY veggie sandwich with goat cheese, roasted tomatoes, arugula and mushrooms to munch on while we listened to Havilah's set and Nathan being the always hungry and curious little guy he is, wanted some of my sandwich. So I gave him some of the mushrooms. Anytime I give Nathan a solid and he can manage to keep it down for more than 30 minutes and not spit it up I consider it a success. I think he liked it because he wasn't pushing it away in disgust. So that's one more solid we can add to the list. Yay!

Mother's Day started off great! Nathan woke up in a happy mood and immediately started crawling all over me in bed trying to give me hugs. I had planned on sleeping in but who can pass up hugs? Not me! So I got up and we started getting ready for our day. We ventured out and had brunch with Jason's parent's at La Madeline. After lunch we ventured across the street to the Round Rock Outlet Malls. We didn't get to do a whole lot of shopping because Nathan's not much of a shopper. He let us know pretty quick that he was not happy but not before Jason managed to get me my Mother's Day gift.

What girl in their right mind would turn down diamonds? I'd been wanting a second band to go with my wedding set so Jason went ahead and bought it for me this weekend. It's not exactly like my original wedding band because the store we bought my band from went out of business not long after we got married. I've always said that Jason's good at gift giving. :-) Funny story about this ring. I have a very small finger to fit and we usually have to order rings in my size. So we went ahead and ordered the ring and expected it to arrive by the end of July. So we went on our way and did a little more shopping. A few minutes later, I got a call from the store. The sales girl said they were looking under the displays and found that ring in my size. Apparently, somebody else had ordered it but it took to long to ship so she cancelled the order. So there it was. In store. The sales girl said that ring was meant for me. Hee hee.

It was definitely a busy weekend but it was so much fun. If only everyday could be that much fun.

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