Bluebonnet time

It's that time of year again here in Texas. If you drive along the roads here in Austin, you can see sporadic patches of our lovely bluebonnets. Sadly, this past winter was a little too cold and a little to dry to produce the fields that we have seen in the past. I guess we're lucky that any came up at all this year. I'd been itching to get pictures of Nathan and the bluebonnets but kept holding out hope that the field by our house would have some this year. So I patiently waited...and waited. Until finally, on Thursday, I saw a little patch of blue all the way at the back of the field. As soon as Jason came home with Nathan, I packed him up in his stroller and we walked over to the field. How spoiled am I to have such easy access to the bluebonnets?

It was such a great day to go and take pictures and he seemed to like being outside. I think he liked it a little too much because he wanted to inspect every single flower. Note to self: Make sure to take daddy with us for future bluebonnet photos to distract Nathan from tearing up the bluebonnets.

I'm glad he liked the flowers because I just have flashbacks to last year's photoshoot running through my head.

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