Knock on wood

We are going on our fifth night of Nathan sleeping straight through the night. He will usually go to sleep around 10pm and wake up after I have gotten ready for work. So that's usually about 8. I was kind of worried the first night he did it and assumed it was a fluke but we have been pleasantly surprised each morning. Maybe something in his head just clicked when he turned one. I'm starting to feel human again now that I'm getting a solid 8 hours of sleep again. Although, sometimes it is hard for me to sleep when he's kicking me in the ribs so he can take over my side of the bed. I have woken up many times to realize Jason is trying to pull me back into the bed. I'm usually so out of it that I just sit there and give him a WTF?!? untile he explains to me that I'm about to roll off the bed. Who would have thought such a small guy could be such a bedhog.

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