In a state of limbo

After I had Nathan I swore I would never, NEVER, be caught dead in maternity clothes. I started off a size 10 in pants and slowly shrank down to a size 6. I could not get any smaller than a size 6 for quite some time but lately, due to small diet changes here and there and running more (thank you daylight savings time!) I have started to notice my once just right size 6's were starting to sag. So just out of curiosity I tried on a pair of pre-baby size 4''s that I had stored away when I could no longer pull them past my thighs. I was very excited to discover that I could pull them on and button them but they were just a tad bit snug. So I guess I'm somewhere in between a size 6 and a size 4.

I've NEVER paid full price for an item of clothing and especially now that my weight and body keep changing. Plus, with my ever changing size, I inevitably have to get a few things altered so I'd rather not have to pay full price if I'm going to have to get something altered. Here is one such piece.

I bought this Ann Taylor Loft shimmery slub jacquard skirt on sale last spring and it has just been sitting at the bottom of my dresser until I could figure out what I would wear with it until I saw this post on Kendi Everyday. I love how her outfit turned out. Since it is such a flashy skirt I loved how she was able to dress it down with such a simple shirt and make it more work friendly.

As you can see from the photos, the skirt is a little big on me, so with some help from my very talented tailor, I should be able to incorporate this piece into my wardrobe very soon. Now if I can just find a shirt similar to the one Kendi is wearing in her post without having to spend $78 at Anthro. Hopefully I can find something similar at the outlet mall.

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