Hobbling along

I was so good about running after Nathan was first born because I was anxious to try and get back into my pre-baby jeans but as daylight hours started decreasing and the temperature started dropping, I couldn't bring myself to go for my runs. If I was lucky I would get in a run a week. But one day I realized using my handy, dandy Nike+ app that it had been months since I had logged a run. So one January morning, I ventured out for a run after I had put Nathan down for his 11am nap. Everything was going great but then I rolled my ankle. Nothing major so I just kept on running. When I was a block from the house, I rolled the same ankle good. I hit the ground and laid there for what felt like hours. When I finally pushed myself off the asphalt...OUCH!...I was dizzy and couldn't even really sit up without feeling like I was going to hurl. After laying on the ground another five minutes, I began the long hobble home. A block never felt longer in my life.

At the end of January, I though I was just about ready to try and run after giving my ankle what I thought was enough time to heal but clumsy me managed to re-injured the same blasted ankle by slipping on my bathmat as I was trying to get out of the shower. As a PSA I would like to recommend that everybody steer clear of the Microdry bathmats that are sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond. While it may be tempting to buy them because they are so cushy, they may lead to you breaking your neck. Anyway, I'm rambling. Last night Nathan and I ventured out for our first run in a long time. And I must say it felt good to be back outside running, soaking in the sunshine and having some quality alone time with Nathan again. Although, I'm not quite sure he sees it that way.

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