Everything's more colorful in Texas

It's always been said that everything is bigger in Texas. Well now, thanks to OPI, women's nails can be as colorful as the Lone Star State because they released their Texas line of nail polishes at the beginning of February and I'm loving them. I'm a little partial to the Austin-tatious Turquoise. Gotta represent at the ATX. Although, I think the green would have been a more appropriate color for Austin because the city is such a green city. From the lush green parks, to the beautiful green Hill Country that surrounds us, to even the green, eco-friendly businesses that you can find all over town.

I don't usually wear nail polish. I usually wear colors on my toes if I want to feel girly because the constant upkeep of a manicure is just too time consuming and me being the impatient person I am, I would more than likely mess up my freshly applied polish within five minutes. At least with a pedicure, if they get messed up due or I neglect them and they start chipping, I can just hide them with shoes and nobody would ever know. Not so much with a manicure. It's out there for the world to see but some of the more neutral colors in this palette from the popular nail polish manufacturer is making me start to have second thoughts. They make me want to run out and try them all. I'm particularly liking Suzi Likes Cowboys and San Tan-tonio. Now if I could just decide which one I want to get figure out which one to get.

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