11 Months

Nathan is 11 months old. Well, he has been since last Tuesday but I'm a bit of a blogging slacker. So I am lucky if I can get in the monthly progress post. He fully recovered from the croup he had a few weeks ago and the ick spread through the house. This past weekend I came down with what looked like the flu. Apparently, there is some other virus out there that mimics it quite well I must say but thankfully it doesn't debilitate quite as hard as the flu does. I was only sick for three days with a mild fever but am pretty much back to normal now. While I was sick Nathan and Jason packed up and headed over to the in-laws house where Nathan got to spend some extra quality time with nana.

But before I got sick we managed to take Nathan in for his first haircut. We figured we'd get it done this month so that in the event that it came out horribly wrong, he'd have a month to grow it out in time for it to look normal for his birthday party in March. We'd been putting it off and putting it off for weeks. We kept saying we needed to take him in for a month but I think we did that just to psych ourselves up for it.

When we arrived it was quite calm in the salon. They had Dora the Explorer playing on the televisions and they had a shiny fire engine, plane and a car for the kiddos to choose from. Since red is Nathan's favorite color, we opted for the fire engine. Now, our hesitation to cut Nathan's hair wasn't only because we were attached to Nathan's hair. I have to be honest here...Nathan's got a BIT of a temper. I think he gets it from his daddy mommy and so we were kind of afraid of the haircut he would receive if he happened to throw one of his oh so familiar fits. So imagine our surprise that he was calm and happy for oh say...five minutes in the fire truck doing pretend donuts on the salon floor, while Ms. Linda quickly cut his hair. Let me tell ya that I can only imagine the sort of training a kid hairstylist has got to go through. I don't think I'd make it to graduation without stabbing a child's eye out with as wiggly as they are in the chair. Like I said...five minutes is all the time she got before he started to realize something was up. That somebody was messing with his hair.

I've tried my darndest to capture all of Nathan's "firsts" as his first year has gone by. His first haircut was no exception. I thought that a picture of Nathan in the shiny, red firetruck would be the perfect first haircut picture. I pulled out my camera during the five minutes he was quietly spinning the wheel of the firetruck only to discover the shutter on my camera never clicked. I looked at the display screen and to my horror I read, "no SD card" and I instantly remember that I left my SD card in my card reader, that is sitting on the coffee table. Oh Fark. I didn't dare look up at Jason because on numerous occasions, he wonders whether we should have spent all that money on such a snazzy camera or just stuck with our old point and shoot camera. So iPhone photos are all I've got.

Overall I think the haircut was a success. We liked the haircut and he seemed somewhat content for the most part. So now we can check one more thing off of his "first" list.

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