People might think I'm a stalker...

but all I want are some Girl Scout cookies. Thin mints to be exact. In years past, I have driven all over Austin looking for fabled Girl Scout cookie hotspots just to be disappointed. They just packed up or it was too cold that day to sell. So my efforts were in vain. This year is going to be different because one day as I was driving, I noticed a colorful thing on the side of an otherwise boring car. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was a magnet that said "It's Girl Scout Cookie Time" driving past me in the opposite direction. If I wasn't already late for work, I might have performed an illegal u-turn and followed that car. What?!? A little crazed you think? So note to any Girl Scout cookie distributors...if you see a crazed looking, drooling, petite Asian woman following you down the road, do not fear. I just want some thin mints.

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I'm a 36 year old full-time student, runner and shopaholic (not necessarily in that order) mom living in the burbs surrounding the beautiful city of Austin with my husband, our very active 9 year old and our rescue dog Buddy. This blog is my little space of the internet where I let my ADD run loose and I blog about...anything.



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