I think Hell may have frozen over

Jason has always been a PC guy. He's been building his personal home systems for years. He's worked for a very large PC manufacturer for the last 10 years. So our family has felt that we owed our loyalty to PC's. But when his home built PC finally kicked the bucket, he made the decision to switch over to the dark side lovingly referred to by many as Apple. So on a cold December afternoon, we made the trek to the Apple store and purchased the Mac Mini. Little did we know this conversion would soon turn into an obsession.

We were originally going to use our existing monitor but after a little bit of looking around Jason fell in love with

but to our dismay we learned that it was being discontinued and we could no longer buy it new and our only option was to buy it refurbished through Apple. So after a night or two of tossing and turning over the decision, we decided to just bite the bullet and purchase it. We justified the purchase with the idea that we would use our old monitor as a tv in our master bedroom since it had monitor and television capabilities. We would have spent at least $400 on a flat panel tv had we ever decided to get one for our bedroom.

Why didn't we just buy an iMac you ask? Because Jason is a very particular picky about his monitors and hates the high gloss that many computer and monitor manufacturers have opted to use on their products. So we were pleasantly surprised to learn that this Apple HD Monitor was gloss free.

A week later we received the monitor. It was all shiny and new but as soon as we plugged it in we started to get some interference that we had read about but crossed our fingers we wouldn't have to deal with. After trying many different adapters we thought we had sort of resolved the issue. The interference was not completely gone but it was at least bearable.

Jason happily browsed Youtube and checked out Ain't It Cool News on his new monitor until one day, he noticed ONE dead pixel and then when he changed the background to black he realized that there wasn't just one. He counted up to 86 dead pixels before he finally stopped counting. So now we had a new problem. After a few minutes on the phone with Apple customer service, we were instructed to take the monitor to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store and it would be sent out for repairs. Our happiness faded as we packed the monitor back into the box, unsure of it's future. Certain that they weren't going to be able to repair it. We said our goodbyes to it as we left the store. Four days passed and then Jason finally got the enthusiastic call from the Genius Bar that our monitor had returned from being repaired. Jason trudged back up to the Apple Store last week to recover what was left of our monitor. He plugged it into our friend's MacBook in the store to see how it worked and to his delight, the dead pixels were gone and even the interference issue seemed to be less noticeable. So he happily packed it up and brought it home. He was so happy he even brought something else home. The Apple TV box. PC has been good to us but we're finally parting ways with the form of computing that we've known for so long.

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