The results are in

We finally received the final progress photos from Nathan's DOC band treatment. Actually, I got them a few weeks ago but I've been a bit of a slacker and am just now getting around to posting the results.

We are happy with the end result. We would have liked for the flat spot at the back of the head to have rounded out but like I said in the last post, it had more than likely already closed by the time we started treatment.

It was hard to see the improvement in his head shape on a day-to-day basis but is so visible in these photos. He seems happier without it on and the timing was just perfect. The weather is starting to cool down here in Texas and Nathan loves to be outside. So I try and take him outside in his stroller each night while it is still light outside. I hate when we have to adjust our clocks for Daylight Savings because it gets dark so much quicker. So we need to take advantage of our sunny days while we can.

Nathan is starting to wise up about his visits to the doctor's office. I took him in on the 5th for his 7 months shots and to ask a few questions but before his monthly shots I needed to go and have some lab work done for my yearly physical. You know...the good stuff. Like cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar. So we went into the little back room and as soon as Nathan saw the tech put on the latex glove he suddenly started crying. It wasn't just a normal cry. It was the kind where his mouth was wide open, you could see his little tongue quivering in fear and then the howling began. Luckily, the whole blood draw was short and I was soon able to console the little guy. But of course that was short lived. We went into the other small room and he started to get a little fussy in there in anticipation of the shots. I was able to distract him for a second with one of his toys that I brought with me just for this appointment. It was a temporary distraction but once he got those shots, nothing could compare to mommy's hugs.

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