Oh how I love Polyvore

On the Fashion and Beauty board on the Nest, a lot of the ladies use a program called Polyvore to design outfits. I would always "oooohhhhh" and "aaaaaahhhhhh" at their mad skills to put outfits together. Well it finally hit me...why can't I create some outfits using Polyvore? I downloaded the necessary applications for it to run on my computer and I was on my way. There were a few times in the beginning where I just thought there was no way I could figure out how to use this thing but as time has gone on, I learn a new trick to using it everyday. Never again will I buy a piece of clothing, get it home and then not know what to pair it with. With Polyvore, I can make outfit combos before I press the 'place order' button on an e-retailer's site. Polyvore is such a godsend for the fashionably challenged like myself. So here is an outfit I put together that revolves around some new boots I bought. I loved the Cole Haan Air Petras but even on sale, they cost $180. So I managed to find these


and since I was a reward member I got free shipping and they were offering $15 off for one day only. So how could I possibly pass that up? I ended up getting them for half the price of the Cole Haan version. Score!

Now if it would just cool down so I could wear the outfit.

DISCLAIMER: Sometimes it is impossible to find the exact item I have in an outfit so sometimes online or in Polyvore so that results in having to improvise and use similar items that Polyvore does have. So there is no way I would spend the amount for some of the items on the outfit above. So dad...hopefully your eyes are still in your head so you can read this disclaimer. Ha.

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