It's the great pumpkin Nathan!

It's October (really?) and Jason and I have been giddy with excitement for Nathan's first Halloween. This also includes all fall activities. This past weekend we trekked out to Sweetberry Farms to go and check out their pumpkin patch since we had heard a lot of great things about it. So we planned on meeting up with our friends at the farm. We should have just kept our happy butts at home.

I planned on leaving the house at noon. On the dot. I am a stickler about punctuality and if I don't leave at the exact time I have scheduled in my head, I kind of get in a bad mood. Okay an irate mood. So the day was just bad from the get go. We all woke up late. Like 11 o'clock. Okay. No need to panic. We can do this. I take my shower. Then J goes and takes his. While Jason's taking a shower, I'm packing the diapers, wipes and a few of Nathan's toys just in case he melts down in the car. Somehow noon crept up on us and before I knew it, it was 12:15. My eye began to twitch and the grumpiness started to kick in.

In the back of my head this trip was a wash and pointless but Jason insisted that we go because after all, it was Nathan's first trip out to the pumpkin patch. So I begrudgingly loaded Nathan up into his car seat but as soon as I buckle him in, he started to howl. I take him out to try and console him. Doesn't work. I try pushing a few of the buttons on his go-to toys. Still screaming. I was stumped.

Jason walked into the living room and informed me that Nathan's using his pain cry. Lately there's only one thing that makes Nathan use his pain cry. And that is teeth. Uh oh. Not a huge problem. We'll just put baby Orajel on his gums. Umkay...where's the baby Orajel? At the in-laws. No farkin' way. *Insert other expletives here.* At this point it is 12:30. The drive to Sweet Berry takes at least 45 minutes from our house. By the time we get to the in-laws house, get the Orajel and hit the road it would be 12:45. At this point I am in an unpleasant, pissy mood. I didn't want to go. There was no point since our friends would have already left to do their planned activities at the farm but of course, Jason reminded me AGAIN that it was Nathan's first trip to the pumpkin patch. So the royal b!tch inside of me subsided and we were on our way.

Stopped by the in-laws grabbed the Orajel and we were on our way. Nathan fell asleep after 15 minutes on the road. He stirred and kind of whimpered the whole way there. We finally got to the farm and it was packed. And hot. And dusty. And windy. Jason was starting to have second thoughts about this trip but there was no turning back now. So we unload Nathan and found our friends. They were just getting off the hayride. We took some photos of all of the kiddos together.

After about 30 minutes they were all ready to go home because they had gotten there on time. We said our goodbyes and then the three of us wandered the farm by ourselves but it just wasn't as fun without our friends. So we left about five minutes after they did and started on our way back home but not without some cute pictures of Nathan enjoying himself at the pumpkin patch.

Of course leave it to Nathan to start giggling and turning into a chatterbox when we're on our way home. I guess he was just trying to tell us how much fun he had and how excited he was to come back next year. At least that's my interpretation of his cute baby babble. So this year, the whole trip didn't go quite the way I had envisioned but those few minutes of happy baby talk at the end of the trip were worth it.

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