The wait is over!

So after wearing the DOC band for 7 weeks, Nathan is finally DOC band free. We were able to take it off on Tuesday. I wanted to take it off first thing Tuesday morning but Jason wanted to take it off before we all went to bed Tuesday night. So we compromised and took it off after we all got home from work on Tuesday.

He didn't seem to notice much of a difference at first. He just went back to his regularly scheduled playing but as soon as we laid him down for a few minutes he started twisting his head to try and scratch his head that used to be covered by the DOC band.

Overall the results were phenomenal. I posted the pictures from his mid-treatment appointment and we could already see such a huge improvement. We went into Cranial Technologies for his graduation day on Thursday. They gave him a graduation certificate and took the final progress photos of his head. We should be getting those sometime later this week. I will post them when we get them.

We were a little disappointed because the flat spot at the back of the head didn't round out like we had hoped. There are two soft spots on a baby's head. The big one on top and one in back where the temporal bone, the posterior fontanelle and the occipital bone meet. This soft spot is much smaller than the one on the top of the head and we were told that it usually closes by the time the baby is 5 months old. So by the time we had gotten the DOC band for treatment, the soft spot had closed. However, since the treatment was working to shift the occipital bone upward, the spot did move upward whereas before treatment it used to be down closer to the nape of his neck. We were told that there's nothing that can be done for this flat spot now but hopefully over time, layers of bone will grow on top of this area and round it out a little more. Plus with as much hair as we're anticipating this little guy to have, I highly doubt it will be noticeable. So I'm not too worried about it. Plus nobody has a perfectly shaped head.

The DOC band only weighed 6 ounces but we think those 6 ounces may have been causing a slight delay Nathan hitting a few milestones.

For one, Nathan had a little trouble trying to balance himself up when he had the helmet on. When we put him in his Bumbo he would kind of lean to one side over the other. Now that the band is off, we haven't noticed it as much.

While he had the band on, his pediatrician recommended we start trying to work on exercises to help him sit up using the tripod method. He sits on his little bum but uses his hands to try and keep himself up. He did not like that idea one bit. We tried it but he would usually stiffen like a board when he realized we were no longer holding him but now that he is no longer wearing the band, he doesn't seem to mind it anymore. He can sit there content for a good 2-3 minutes just balancing himself as he plays with his toys. I know, a week or two can make a huge difference in his development but I just keep thinking it may have had something to do with him no longer having to wear that extra 6 ounces on his head. Which by the way, the pediatrician said his nogin is in the 90(!) percentile as far as his head size while his height and weight are now in the 50 percentile. I guess him having a big head just means he'll be a genius.

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