Are you ready for some football?

Nathan is. I was looking back at some photos when he was little(r) and saw these two photos. I thought they were so cute. The first one he is kind of doing the sign for love. The second one looks like he's doing the Hook 'Em sign.

Which goes to show that no matter your age you can be a hardcore fan.
Here is a picture of him from this weekend with his newly decorated DOC Band.
We got those on there just in time. We went in for his adjustment this morning and the physical therapist told me that this will be his last week. Next week when we go visit her, they'll take his "graduation" photos and then he will no longer have to wear the band. By next week he will have worn it for 7 weeks. Just one week shy of the 8 week prediction because Nathan just rocks like that. Oh how he looks so cute in the DOC band but I will not be sad to see it go. I'm looking forward to him burying his hairy little head under my chin. I look forward to being able to kiss his little head goodnight. For the last 6 weeks I only felt cold plastic when I tried to give him hugs. I anxiously wait.

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