You might think that I'm tiptoeing because I don't want to wake Nathan up. Yeah right. I think my child is like his mama and could sleep through an earthquake. Which I have done on several occasions. No I am tiptoeing because I kind of overdid my workout last night.

A few weeks ago Groupon had a special for four weeks of boot camp through Bootcamp 512 for $69. This package usually runs for $150. So I just couldn't pass it up. Let's face it. My running routine can hardly be called a routine. I just fit in runs when I have time but I figured if I pay for these classes that I won't want to let them go to waste.

Weeeeelllll...the class was actually supposed to start last Wednesday but I didn't have all the equipment I needed to go. Lame excuse number one. Then Thursday I just didn't feel like going. So yesterday I knew I had to go.

Yesterday did not start off good. I was sleep deprived because of a certain little somebody. Due to the lack of sleep, I felt like I had a hangover without actually consuming any adult beverages. I could barely walk straight and I had the oh so lovely queasy sensation that usually accompanies a hangover. So with all that in mind, was little worried about how I'd be able to participate in the bootcamp in the 100 degree heat. So I was trying to convince myself to use the excuse that I felt absolutely crummy to get myself out of having to go. But the cheapo inside of me persevered and I dragged my butt out there.

I'm glad I went. The workout went by fast and it worked a lot of my trouble areas. Luckily we were able to do the workout under a covered pavillion otherwise we would have all fried out in the Texas heat. The slick floor of the pavillion added a little extra challenge to the workout as we slipped and slid all over the place. Now if a workout is good I usually can feel the burn afternoon the day after. So this workout must have been spectacular because I started feeling the burn a few hours after the workout. This morning I woke up and I'm a little sore in areas I wasn't aware I could be sore but overall glad I went. Can't wait for my workout tomorrow. Woo hoo. Hopefully over time the workouts will get easier. We'll see.

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