5 Months

That's right folks...my little bean is 5 months and he's not so little anymore. He's already almost half my height. He is 27 inches and when he went in to get his shots on Monday, he weighed right under 17 pounds. Not sure exactly how much he weighs because daddy handled taking Nathan in for this appointment on his own.

Isn't that crazy? If you look at the picture do you notice something? He can kind of stand up. He's got some strong legs which I am very aware of because when he sleeps in our bed, I usually get kicked in the ribs many times throughout the night. I can't believe that very soon he could possibly be crawling and walking. Where does the time go?

So I originally started typing this post on the 9th, optimistic that I would get it posted that same day. Well as you can see, it didn't quite work. This has been one exhausting week.

We started him on solids this month. I think last month we dabbled with trying to give him rice cereal mixed in with his formula but instead most of it ended up on the front of his shirt because he just spit it back out. Rice cereal was a fail. So this month we decided to move onto another form of solid food. We weren't too sure what he'd think when we gave him applesauce. As with the rice cereal, the first few times we gave him applesauce there was more of it on his face than probably in his growing belly. But it didn't take him long to figure out he liked it and now he just sucks it down with very little mess. We weren't too surprised since he has a healthy appetite.

Thursday we went and picked up his DOC band. We were a little worried about how Nathan would react to this 6 oz piece of foam being put on his head. We were very relieved that after it was put on that he didn't really seem to notice. I think we had a harder time adjusting to it than he did. From the first day we got the thing, we just thought Nathan looked uncomfortable. The area around the ear was pushing it forward which can permanently alter the appearance of his ears. Then the halo portion of the band was kind of covering his eyes and we were afraid that covering his eyes like that for eight weeks would result in vision problems. We were assured it would not. For the first day, we had to take it off every three hours and look for any really noticeable red spots on his head. If the spots were pink and faded within an hour then we were to put the band back on. Nathan was none the wiser and just went on with cooing, laughing and napping the day away.

After two days of doing spot checks, we were instructed to begin leaving it on for 23 hours a day. No biggie. We could take it off for one hour for bath time. So we sent him off to daycare Nana's and kept the helmet on him all day. Then nana and daddy were giving him a bath and as theytook off the helmet and go figure, there was a huge raw spot on the side of his head.

I felt so bad for the little guy but unless you touched it, he didn't seem to mind. We were kind of relieved that it happend on Tuesday because we were scheduled to take Nathan and his new accessory to get adjusted on Wednesday. Adjusting the band entails shaving away some of the styrofoam on the inside of the helmet. Over time, as his head grows they'll shave it down to nothing and if the DOC band has done his job, his head will be round. We shall see. One week down. Seven more to go. Hopefully the rest of the time goes smoothly.

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