Steady as I go...

With Nathan here, my workouts are a bit inconsistent and sporadic. Some weeks I will be able to run 6 days out of the week. Other weeks I will be lucky if I get one run in. As he's gotten older and he starts to develop a sleeping routine (THANK YOU BABY JESUS!), I have been able to develop more of a routine myself.

During my runs I would always feel so winded and out of breath by the time I returned to my front door. So I assumed I was seriously out of shape. So last week I went and had an assessment with a personal trainer. I got t pinched with those fun little pinchers and was anticpating the news that I had some major work ahead of me but I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn't a whole lot to pinch. I asked her why I felt so winded at the end of my runs. Well, her answer was a big duh. I have been running with monkey man since he was six weeks old. With him now weighing 15 pounds, the car seat being another 8 pounds and lord knows how much our jogging stroller weighs, I was pushing at least 25 additional pounds during my runs. She also gave me some new information to chew on in regards to my training. For every day a person doesn't workout, it takes two days to recover from being a slacker. So since I had been slacking during the whole nine months of my pregnancy, it could possibly take me 18 months to get back to the level of fitness I was at before I was pregnant. 18 MONTHS! So my hopes to possibly be able to run the Austin half in January are pretty much out of the question unless I'm just some sort of freak of nature and can defy all the statistics. Highly unlikely. Maybe next year.

Tonight I had have my first real workout with my personal trainer. So far so good but the pain usually doesn't kicks in until the next day. So we'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow.

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