It's oh so quiet...

J has not made it home from his mom's, a.k.a. nana's, house with the bean yet so I figured that now would be a great time to write a blog entry before the rest of the night flies by. *Update* I originally started this post yesterday but here I am at 5:53 am hoping to finish it up.

So where to begin?

I'll start with last weekend. That would put us at the 4th of July weekend. Man was it busy. So here goes...

My parents came into town on Friday July 2, to come and visit the three of us. They've seen him grow only in the pictures that we send them when I actually get a chance. So this trip was the first time they've actually seen him in person since he was born. Boy were they surprised at how big he has gotten. There was of course the initial meltdown of seeing who he thought were new people...

but then he was back to his normal self.

I didn't feel weird hearing J's parents refer to themselves as 'nana' and 'papa' but to hear MY parents call themselves grandma and grandpa, or halmonee and hadabojee, was the weirdest feeling ever. For N's 100th day birthday my parents sent Nathan a card and on the inside, in my dad's familiar handwriting was written, "Love Grandma and Grandpa A". It feels like just yesterday I was getting cards from my Grandma and Grandpa A. The other thing that is going to take some getting used to is hearing my dad do baby babble talk. I don't think I've ever heard him talk baby babble. EVER. But despite it feeling weird it was very cute to watch N's face light up as he got familiar with mommy's side of the family. Hopefully one day, we can introduce him to my family over in Korea. One of these days I suppose.

He loved hanging out with my mom. There's some sort of unexplained power that grandma's seem to have over babies. They're like the baby whisperers because after I tried all my go-to methods of trying to calm Nathan after he had a category-5 meltdown, all it took was 2 seconds in my mom's arms for him to calm down.

It was nice to just veg and have my parents hang out with but before we knew it, it was time for them to head back to San Angelo.

The 4th was fun. It was of course Nathan's first. One more first to check off the list. My friend Slyvia hosted a get together with the rest of the girls and their families and we celebrated ths holiday in true American fashion. A cookout with burgers and hot dogs. I just lounged around on the back patio with Nathan strapped to me in his sling and just enjoyed spending time with friends.

But the day was nowhere near being over. Once we left Sylvia's house, we packed up Nathan and headed over to our friend's house. We spent the rest of the evening with Chris, Renee and their two boys, Jonah and Micah. Chris cooked us a yummy dinner and then it was time for the fireworks. I was a bit worried about how Nathan would do with all the fireworks going on outside but he managed to fall asleep. Go figure. I wonder if there's anything he won't sleep through.

Here J has caught himself on fire.

Here's his ghost to walk the Earth for eternity. Not really but the picture looks pretty cool. Too bad I cant take credit for taking it. I'm still learning how to use my new snazzy camera so Chris took this picture.

So overall, the weekend was great. It went by too fast but weekends have a way of doing that. If only time could slow down. So there you have it folks. The going ons at the B house. Don't you just envy us?

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