It's Official

Nathan will have to wear a DOC Band to treat his brachycephaly. Which is basically a flat spot on the back of his head.

These were the pictures that helped the pediatric physical therapist come to the conclusion that he needs to wear one.

How long does he have to wear it? Well, the therapist said that the sooner we move on this and start the process the shorter the time he will have to wear it.

The whole process to get the helmet can take a few weeks in itself. First Cranial Tech has to get approval from the insurance company. That usually takes a week. They said Aetna is awesome about covering the bands so they don't anticipate any issues in getting it approved.

After they get approval from the insurance company, we take Nathan back to their office to have 360 degree photos taken of his head in order to get measurements. Then, the measurements are sent off and the helmet is made. That takes another week. Once we put the band on Nathan, he will have to wear it for 23 hours everyday, for 8 weeks. We can only take it off at bathtime. For maximum results we will have to take him in weekly to have the band adjusted to accomodate for his head growth. Hopefully, at the end of eight months we'll be able to see an improvement in the flatness on the back of his head.

We're fine with the idea that he has to wear it. I just worry if we will have the willpower to keep it on him if he hates it. The therapist mentioned that some parents take it off once they determine their kiddo doesn't like it and never put the band back on the baby. She said it may take up to a week for Nathan to get used to it. I'm crossing my fingers that we'll only have an adjustment period for a day or two.

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