First Roadtrip=SUCCESS!

J's granny had a heartattack on July 2. When we found out about it, we decided to wait to go and visit her once she was released from the hospital. That wait ended up being a little longer than we anticipated because on the day she was supposed to be released, her heart rate kept spiking. She ended up being admitted to a nursing home type facility where she could get medical care by professionals. She was finally released last Thursday. So we decided to go and visit her on Sunday so she could finally meet Nathan. We were a little worried because this would be little man's first real road trip and we weren't sure how he would do during the trip. With him, anything's possible. So we packed him up and we all crammed into my FIL's 4Runner and began the trek to Waco.

The trip started off very promising. He was cheerful, giggly and overall in a good mood. We made sure to stuff him like a tick before we left J's parent's house. J sat on one side of his carseat and I sat on the other. After about 20 minutes of playing and talking to us, he finally drifted off to sleep. Sweet!

But his quiet slumber soon came to an end when we decided we needed to get some food. We were all starving. So we made a pitstop to the Golden Arcs. He was peacefully sleeping when somebody honked their horn right behind our car, to try and avoid hitting another driver in the parking lot. Uh oh. Nathan jolted out his sleep. He looked around, not quite certain where he was. Then the grunting began. Then he started whimpering. Then his upper lip started to disappear as he started to do the dreaded pout that will lead to a category 5 meltdown. Great...once he has a category 5 meltdown, the only solution is to feed him. We were hopeful that he might fall back asleep if we hopped back onto the highway but it was just our luck that traffic on 35 was stop and go the whole way. In a perfect world, a trip to Waco would only take one and half hours. Due to the steady stop and go pace we moved at, it felt like it took us an extra hour to get to granny's house. Probably didn't help that we fed Nathan while we were on the move and had to exit to try and burp him. Of course, as soon as we pulled over to do so he didn't want to burp. Go figure.

After what felt like forever on the highway and driving through the hood, we finally made it to granny's house. She looked a little more frail than the last time I saw her but considering she just had a heart attack, she was in happy spirits and was able to get around remarkably well. She was very excited to see Nathan because he is her first great grandbaby. Nathan is always very curious when he meets new people. So he studied granny's face to try and figure out if he liked her or not. Luckily, no meltdown like he had with my dad.

Hanging out with great granny.

Visiting with his great aunt.

Three generations of the B's

Soon it was time for us to get out of the hood and head back home to Round Rock. The return trip was much quicker and Nathan (and mama) slept through most of it. He did so well, we even stopped for dinner at the Monument Cafe. It was sooooo yummy! Can't wait to go back this Sunday for turkey and dressing. I've always been a sucker for turkey and dressing.

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