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Since having Nathan almost three months ago (3 MONTHS!?!?), I have found it very hard to get out the door to get to work on time, much less get out of the house to go grocery shopping or to go clothes shopping for things to fit my post pregnancy body. Don't even get me started on the guilt I feel when I leave Nathan to go run such errands. I never was a huge fan of shopping online because being the cheapo I am, I hated having to pay shipping fees. Now I have come to love shopping online. Trying to think back to the days before I shopped online is a foggy memory. I LOVE shopping online. I figure the shipping fees would be less than I would spend on gas driving all over town to find what I'm looking for. So...hi...my name is D...and I'm a shopaholic. Surprise, surprise. Actually, most of you probably arent't surprised. While I was pregnant I managed to spend less than $400 on maternity clothes, thanks to a friend loaning me hers. So since I really didn't spend a whole lot on maternity clothes and since most maternity clothes look hideous anyway, I am making up for some lost time buying up all sorts of cute outfits that I can now wear. Even though the size on the tag is slightly bigger (okay, okay. A LOT bigger) than what I wore before I got pregnant, I'm not complaining because ANYTHING is better than having to return to work after maternity leave wearing saggy, droopy maternity pants.

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  1. Ugh, I'm not looking forward to trying to fit my post pregnancy body into the cute clothes they have out right now. I love the styles that are out, but I refuse to buy any new clothes until I feel better about my body. I worry that if I buy too much now I'll have to buy new stuff later when I (hopefully) lose weight.
    So, where are you getting clothes from? Any good steals? I need cheap!

  2. it's times like this, i'm glad i'm not pregnant. or haven't been pregnant. or don't plan on being pregnant. and yes, i still get to enjoy all the benefits of babies by borrowing everyone else's!

    he looks like you, D...a real beauty.

  3. Tito...when are you going to come and borrow my baby?!? Anytime soon? Or am I going to have to wait for our hs reunion next year?



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