I like little butts

Baby butt that is. Hee hee. I don't know what it is about Nathan's little hiney but I absolutely love it. I guess it's the joys of being a mom. And what is it with children's clothes makers that they love putting animals on the butts of baby outfits? I don't know why but all I know is I can't resist them. They are super cute to look at when he is grunting during tummy time. This one is my favorite.

He's not very impressed with tummy time. Definately not one of the highlights of his day. His favorite part of the day is coming home to see me, mama, because J and his mom swear that Nathan says Ma every once in a while when he's getting loaded into his carseat. J also swears that Nathan will say it when he's shrieking at 2am as I grogily stumble to the kitchen to prepare his bottle. I know it's too early for him to start talking but it still makes me kind of smile to think that maybe, just maybe, Nathan's first word is mama. Hee hee.

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