Happy 100th day!

In Korea, we celebrate the 100th day of a child's life. We celebrate it because it marks a year since the day the baby was conceived. It is also celebrated because the infant death rate was high before the introduction to modern medicines.

So June 16th was Nathan's 100th day. Although, we kind of messed up and celebrated it on June 14th because I guess I can't count. Ha. The Korean tradition is to dress the baby up in traditional Korean clothes and have a huge feast with family and friends to come pray for a long and healthy life for the baby. The baby is then supposed to foresee his/her future by picking up a common object out of the ones that are placed before them. Since it was just Jason and me and his 100th day happened to fall on a weekday, we just didn't have the time or the knowledge to really pull off this celebration.

So in true us style we got him a cake and let him "smash" it. I felt bad for the little guy because he likes to eat and wanted to eat the cake off his hands. Only problem is me being as scatter brained as I am lately, bought him a strawberry shortcake. The problem? Babies aren't supposed to eat strawberries until they're 2. Whoops. So imagine the furry that Nathan unleashed when I had to quickly wash his hands. He was not a happy little guy. Whoops. My bad.

Here are a few pictures from our little celebration.

We're practicing cake smashing for his 1st birthday. :-)

He looks a little dazed because he had just woken up. He didn't look to excited until after watching J eat his cake that he wanted to eat it too.

So happy 100th day little guy!

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