Battle of the post pregnancy bulge

I am always jealous when I read about other mothers losing all their baby weight a week or two after having their babies. Losing weight has never been easy for me and my scale had been stuck at 135 for the last two months. Finally, Nathan started to develop more of a sleeping schedule and he has become my alarm clock in the mornings. So rather than trying to go back to sleep to only stare at the ceiling or the baby soundly sleeping, I go for a morning run. Since it gets so hot here in Texas, that's pretty much the only time I can run and not melt in the heat. So SLOWLY I have managed to lose 4 pounds. Woo hoo. I feel so great to be out and running again and I am proud to announce that after not being able to wear my wedding rings since week 20 of my pregnancy, I am able to finally wear them again. Woo hoo! Hopefully, I do not get stung or bit by something that makes my finger swell, requiring me to remove the rings because they ain't coming off.

Check out the manicure. I managed to get out of the house for a few hours to go get a mani and pedi with J's mom since I bought her a gift certificate to a salon for Mother's Day. It's nice to get your nails done after being elbow deep in baby poo. Just being able to get my nails done makes me feel like a girl again.

I also got a pedi.

The color is part of the Shrek color line. It's called "Funky Dunky". How'd they figure to name a purple after Donkey? Shouldn't they have named it after his purple Dragon wife? Sorry I have idea what her name is. I stopped watching the series after the second movie. A comment dad made when I was a teenager stuck with me. One day I had on some light blue nail polish and in disgust he asked me, "Why can't you wear normal colored nail polish?" So after that I wore pinks and reds. Fast forward several years and here I am with purple toes. I'm always tempted to paint my fingernails but I think I'd just look like I was trying too hard to be young. So as far as my nails go, I live by a philosphy similar to the mullet. Business on fingers, party on my toes. I think next time I'll paint my toes "Who the Shrek are You?" Any guesses on what that color is?

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