3 Months

Happy three months Nathan!

This week Nathan turned 3 months old! He's a fourth of the way to his first birthday and we're a fourth of the way through our first year as parents. It's been a lot of fun watching him grow but this last month was just so much fun. He started to smile, laugh and babble to us. He has discovered his hands as he stares at them and also tries to devour them at the end of each feeding. I usually have to persuade him that binky is a much better option than his hands. He's starting to develop his own little personality.

He's more active than he was when we first brought him home from the hospital. Back then we were lucky if he stayed awake for a total of four hours each day. Now we're lucky if he gets in a three hour nap. I guess Nana keeps him busy but because he barely sleeps during the day now, he is able to sleep pretty long stretches at night. Thank you baby Jesus! I am starting to feel human again!

Here's a picture I took of him yesterday at nana's house.

Nana knows how to wear the little guy out!

Another month meant another round of shots. I don't think he was aware of what was about to happen because....

Yep. He fell asleep on the doctor's table but he definately woke up when he got pricked by the needle. Thankfully, he only screamed for a few minutes and then fell back asleep in his car seat. Talk about anxiety. Having to go back to work after he got shots was kind of nerve racking. I was just constantly worried if he was going to get a fever from the shots. I have to admit that I was texting my mother-in-law hourly for updates on how he seemed to be doing. When I got home he was asleep. I have to admit that I kept making sure he was still breathing because he slept...and slept...and slept. We finally woke him up last night to feed him before we all went to bed and we were finally able to see some of Nathan's normal spunk. So today he seems to be back to his normal self.

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