2 months and Mother's Day.

Another month has come and gone. Nathan went and got his two month shots on Friday and did great. He let out a little cry when he got pricked with the needle but immediately calmed down as soon as I picked him up to give him some hugs and kisses. He's been great since. No fussiness, no fever. So far so good.

It's amazing how fast he is growing. He was 19.5 inches and 6 lbs 6 ounces when we brought him home but at his two month appointment on Friday he measured 22.5 inches and 10.5 pounds. I can believe the weight gain because our little man definately likes to eat!!! We go through so much formula. I wonder if it's too late to buy stock in a formula company.

Today is also my first Mother's Day. It's surreal to think that I'm a mom now. How things can change in a year. Last year it wasn't even on my radar to have a baby and here I am with the little guy laying against my chest in his Baby K'tan sling. I wish time would slow down a bit because at the rate we're going, he'll be 18 and going to college in the blink of the eye.

It's amazing how quick mommy talk started when I got back to work. Instead of catching up with the folks at my office about the shopping I did over the wekeend, I talk about the joys of breastfeeding, poopy diapers and the never ending list of recalled prodcts that seem to grow hourly. The office is being really nice about it because I can just imagine they'd like to whack me upside the head from listening to my baby stories. Before I had Nathan I didn't feel like I could relate to my friends who already had babies but now I totally understand where they were coming from. The joys, the pains and the frustrations that come with being a new parent. So to all the mom's, Happy Mother's Day.

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  1. Happy Belated Mother's Day! Love the 2 month photo! too cute!



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