Well, I started back at work this week and surprisingly it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Of course it was hard to leave Nathan in the mornings but getting out of bed wasn't that hard and I was able to make it throughout the day without needing a nap. I anticipated having a harder time adjusting and getting back into the swing of things but it really hasn't been that hard. I did adjust my schedule a tiny bit to get to work 30 minutes later than I used to but that seems to be working out pretty well.

I have it easy. J is having some trouble adjusting to being responsible for dropping of Nathan at daycare, also known as Nana. J says that as soon as I leave, Nathan usually screams until Jason is ready to leave for work. He even caved and drove Nathan to his mom's house and then drove back to our house to finish getting ready for work. Ha. I think he's going to need to improve his speed showering technique. I pretty much had it down by the end of the first week. I had to otherwise, I would go days without showering. Ewwww...I know. Hopefully next week will be a little easier for him. We'll see.

I'm glad it's the weekend. Now I'll get to stay home and play with Mr. Nathan. This week has been kind of sad because he's usually sleepy when I get home from work and isn't very active. I guess it's not the end of the world. I have managed to start running again. So I usually go and for my runs during his 3 hour snoozefests. It feels good to be running again. Although, the pain could quite possibly be worse than having to recover from my c-section. I hadn't worked out since I was 8 weeks pregnant so my body was not used to it. I'm finally getting over the achiness. But usually after I get over the first workout, the rest is a piece of cake. I'm looking forward to a run tonight. I can't wait until Nathan is a little bigger so I'll have a little running buddy. :-)

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