Whew...how time flies

It's been a while since I've posted anything. I can't believe we're about to start a new year. It feels like it was just October. The holidays always do make time fly. No super exciting news or anything from us. I think the most exciting thing we have done in the past few months is go to the Texas vs. Texas A&M game on Thanksgiving and then managing to go to the Big 12 Championship at the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium. That place is huge! But very nice. And considering it was a freezing 42 degrees (or something like that) out that night (yeah 42 is freezing to me) it was great that the stadium had a roof. It was actually a bit toasty in there. Talk about a nail biter of a game. I told Jason that I might end up having to be removed from the stadium on a stretcher because either I was going to have a heartattack from the stress of the game or I was going to deliver Nathan a few months early. I'd like to think the little guy likes football and is already a huge Longhorn fan (heaven forbid he becomes an Aggie fan) but I'm sure he was trying to tell me it was a little too noisy and it was disrupting his beauty sleep. But we all managed to leave in one piece. I think Jason and I both had a hard time falling asleep that night because it was just such a wild game.

Here are a few pictures of us and some of the celebration after the game.

Hook 'Em Horns!

These pictures were taken from the endzone tron. Can you imagine what the picture looked like on the HUGE screen on the sides? I think I've been spoiled. I'm not sure I can ever watch another football game anywhere else. Hee hee.

As for other happenings in the B household, we have finally finished painting and putting together our nursery furniture. The room is finally starting to look like a nursery and our house is no longer a warehouse of boxes. I wish I could say that I helped but sadly I can't. All the credit goes to J and his dad. They still need to paint and put together furniture for J's parent's nursery. Since Nathan will be staying with grandma while J and I both work, it made sense for J's mom to have some sort of nursery set up. Plus, I think she would have set up a nursery even if she wasn't watching him. She's kind of excited like that. Hee hee. Oh boy is this little guy going to be spoiled. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Here are a few pics of the nursery.

I can't wait to have everything done and be able to bring Nathan home in a few months. There's so much to do and it feels like we don't have nearly enough time to get it all done. If it took me this long to write a new post, can you imagine what my next post will be about? It'll probably be about us bringing Nathan home. Ha. Hopefully not. Hopefully I'll find time now to post more often.

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