Waiting for better days

So starting last Friday, the last few days have been really crummy. J and I decided to go through a drive through car wash. The only thing with that is that J and I are both uber anal about how we wash our car. If we go through a car wash, it needs to be touch free. We went to this one because we were told it WAS touch free. However, when we pulled up, we learned real quick that it was the most hands on carwash. Think 80's car wash with the spinning brushes. So we start to go through the car wash and go through the spinning brushes and all of a sudden we hear a loud "POP" come from my driver's side door. When we finally emerged from the car wash, we discovered the spinning brush had broke my side mirror. It is now just dangling on by the interior nuts and bolts that live on the inside of my door panel. Great. So after talking with management at the carwash, they will be replacing my mirror. At least some good came out of that.

Then yesterday on my way home, I was driving down Parmer. For some reason I decided to follow behind the car in front of me a little farther than normal. Maybe it was because the setting sun was blinding me. I don't know. So I get to the Parmer and McAllen intersection in front of Dell and as I'm approaching a light, a deer darted in front of the car in front of me, got thrown in the air 10 feet and then crashed back down to the ground. I still had about 20-25 feet between me and the other car and I just sat there in complete shock. There was traffic to my left so I was going to try and see if there was a break in the line of traffic to get over. But suddenly, I saw the deer stand up and he ran off into the grass and hopped the fence to the green area on the other side. I guess the deer really believed the grass was greener on the other side. Poor little guy. I know aniamals get hit all the time but I'm sad to think about the slow and painful death the little guy will more than likely suffer. I didn't see anything splattered on the road, so I can just imagine that it all just splattered on the inside of the deer. I am thankful that I did not hit the deer and I also managed to find some comic relief in the whole situation. I decided to drive home with my sunroof open, and had I been a few feet closer to the car in front of me, that deer could have quite possibly ended up in my open sunroof and resulted in one freaked out me. So the tip of the day: Drive a little more carefully. You never know what may jump out at you.

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