So close but so far...

As of Monday, I am officially 20 weeks and this little bun is half baked. Actually, at my ultrasound yesterday the doctor did mention the bun is a little on the chubby side. But that's fine with me. I'd rather he be slightly chubby than too skinny.

So last night it occured to me just how big I have gotten in the past few weeks. Although, I can still see my toes and I think I can reach my toes, I can no longer paint my little piggies. I thought I was doing great but my sense of accomplishment soon vanished when I took a closer look at my toes this morning while getting ready for work. *sigh* It looked like I let a 6 year old paint my toe nails. Awwww...heck. Who am I kidding? I think a 6 year old could actually paint my toes better than I did last night. The end is coming. Goodbye feet. Until we meet again.

I also feel completely out of shape which wasn't made oh so apparent walking down the drag to the co-op yesterday, among all the little 19 year old somethings on their way to class, I could barely walk a block from my car to the building to go buy a t-shirt for Halloween weekend. By the time I got to the store and made it back to my car, my legs were burning. By the end of the night my back had started hurting. Note to self, must start walking more. Maybe we'll take a trip to the mall and then we can consider it double tasking since we'll more than likely be shopping for baby stuff and if you know me...I can't pass up a shopping trip.

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