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Blue! We found out on Wednesday that we are having a little boy. We wish it could have gone a little smoother that day. Our big anatomy scan was already scheduled for 2:30 that day at a facility outside my doctor's office. However, at about 10:00 I started having some bleeding, accompanied with some cramping. I didn't think much of it. J kind of had to push me to call the doctor so they at least have a record of this happening. The whole pregnancy thus far has been uneventful and very easy as I have mentioned so I went ahead and called the doctor. After telling them what was going on they told me to come into the office. Uh oh. Can't be good. I figured I would just go to my anatomy scan and if something was wrong the doctor at the ultrasound would tell me. So we set the appt for 3:00.

The hours went by so slowly and I grew more nervous about what was going on as the minutes passed. Finally, I met up with J and we drove to the doctor's office together. After what felt like an eternity sitting in the waiting room it was time for our appointment. The doctor came in and did a quick ultrasound to see what could be causing the bleeding. Nothing. I guess I'm just a weird freak of nature. That explains I lot. So once we heard that, we breathed a huge sigh of relief and of course the next big question was, "Can you see any equipment down there?" He checked and said boys are turtles and girls are hamburgers. Your little one's got a turtle. Ha! So we have a boy. I'm still a little worried because since we did not get to do the full anatomy scan this week, we had to reschedule so they could do all the necessary measurements to make sure growth is normal and that the baby does not have any issues. So I cannot say yet if it is healthy. I guess we'll find out in a week.

On another note, I *think* I felt the baby kick me that morning. I woke up at 5:30 to shuffle myself to the bathroom and when I lay back down I could not fall back asleep. So I just lay there staring at the ceiling when all of a sudden I felt a *tap, tap, tap*. It was the neatest feeling in the world. I wonder how much longer until J can start feeling them.

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