We've been adopted!

We never adopt animals. They always manage to adopt us. And it looks like my In-laws have been adopted by a neighborhood cat. The kids in the neighborhood have named him Steve.
Steve started showing up at my in-laws house about two months ago and loves to hide in their flower garden or sit underneath their front porch bench. He is so cute because whenever I go to their house if he is not on their porch, I can usually find him running my direction from where ever he decided to wander off to. Which usually isn't to far from the house. He went missing about a week ago and I was so worried and sad that something bad had happened to him. My in-laws have a neighbor that they don't get along with and we feared the worst for Steve. The kids in the neighborhood reported that the last time they saw Steve was when they were waiting for the school bus and Steve was over at the neighbors. We were afraid that the neighbor may have taken the cat and dumped him out in the middle of nowhere. We didn't put anything past him. Well after a week of being super bummed about the fate of Steve my mother-in-law saw him at her brother-in-laws house, two houses over! She said she tried to call him over but he was super skiddish, almost like he had been contained somewhere for several days. But soon enough, Steve turned back into his old loveable self. And guess what? Apparently, Steve does have an owner! My mother-in-law said she saw a little girl kind of manhandling Steve to carry him away. My mother-in-law stopped to ask her if Steve was her cat which she confirmed he was but it didn't seem like Steve likes her. My mother-in-law said he was trying to squirm to get away from her and it didn't take him long to escape from her come back to my in-law's front porch. He's one happy cat when he's at their house. I'm just happy he's back.

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