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My office has been developing a farm here on-site. We have a farmer named Andy, his wife, their two daughters, dog Sandy and his chickens living on the property to maintain the garden. In the couple months that he has tended the crop, he has produced a great variety of vegetables for them and us to eat. This is not the reason for this post.
have fallen in love with Sandy. She is the sweetest dog and when they first started living here at the ranch, she would sit at the entry of the driveway of our office each day after Farmer Andy had left for work. She was in heaven. Never again would she have to live in a cramped and stuffy apartment. She would roam our 15 acre tract chasing bunnies and soaking up the sunshine.

Well one morning, about two weeks ago, I pulled up to the trailer where Farmer Andy and his family live to talk to his wife about some rogue chicks that kept getting out of the pen. Well there, all bloody and sad looking, was Sandy lying on the ground and Farmer Andy's wife distraught was trying to lure Sandy to get into the back of her CR-V so she could take her to the vet. Now Sandy is not a small dog at all and the task of putting her into the car definately took two people. I helped Farmer Andy's wife load Sandy into the car and off she went to take her to the vet. Later that day I heard the news that the vet thought Sandy got hit by a car on the main road in front of our office. She got a wild hare up her butt and decided she wanted to follow Farmer Andy to work that day. Despite being hit by a car she was able to hobble back to the trailer where her family lived. Her injuries were bad. She had internal bleeding and had fractured several parts of her front and rear leg. The vet wasn't giving her much of a chance and were going to keep her at the hospital for observation. I crossed my fingers. Sandy made it all the way back to the trailer that day. So I knew she was a fighter.

I anxiously waited for any news about Sandy. I would go and ask Farmer Andy if they had heard anything. Then finally five days later, he gave me the great news that she was going to be okay but she was going to need to be on bedrest for 2 weeks. Now for Sandy, I think that was a hard pill to swallow because apparently she jumped out an open window in one of the little girls rooms and wandered around for a while. What a stubborn dog!

I'm glad to report that today I finally got to see her since she had to be confined to the trailer in order to heal. She used to be skiddish around other people unless her family was home but today when I went to pet her, she came right up to me. Now she's happy to be back sitting underneath the tree and relaxing. Welcome back Sandy!

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