I'm in love...with a laptop

I thought I was happy carrying around and using my old clunky and heavy Dell Inspiron 6000 for the past 4 years.

Until, I saw this.

It is a Dell Mini 10. It weighs only 3 pounds as opposed to....hmmmmm...now that I think about it, I have no idea how much my Inspiron weighed. All I know is that it weighed enough to hurt my shoulders carrying it to and from classes. Never again will I have laptop case strap indentions on my shoulder. Those days are done. I am totally smitten.

How did I not know these laptops existed?!?! You'd think that with me being married to a Dell employee, I would be well aware of all the new gear that they produce. But no. That is not me. If anything my knowledge for computers has decreased since meeting J seven years ago. I don't even think I remember how to hook up the wires to the back of my computer anymore. So it wasn't until J and I were walking through the electronics department at Wal-Mart where I first laid eyes on one of these. I think I heard harp music playing over the speakers when my eyes met the glossy black top glistening in the flourescent light.

J said he could get it for me through work. I tried to be faithful to my Inspiron. But as time went on I couldn't get my mind off of the Mini 10. I started to become distant from my old Inspiron. I would daydream about running off into the sunset with my new Mini 10 to go and produce new blog entries. I remember my excitement when I got that one all shiny and new and oh the many nights we spent together frantically trying to write a paper the night before it was due. My Inspiron served me well but we both knew it was coming. J finally gave J the nod to order the new laptop. My relationship with the Inspiron is over. I bid thee adieux old friend. I hope you can bring somebody many years of faithfulness as you gave me. I will remember you fondly.

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