What a whirlwind

This past week was a very crazy one. I turned 27 on Thursday and then Thursday through Saturday we detailed Mike D's car for his wedding on Saturday. That normally wouldn't be that big of a deal. However, the fact that J was a groomsman in the wedding affected the amount of time we would have to work on the car. Which is why we started working on it on Thursday night and finished it right before the wedding started. Why such an urgency to detail his car? Well not only was it going to be the "get away" car but because of this

That...my friends, was Mike D's groom's cake made to look like his car. It was made by the highly coveted Simon Lee Bakery. The baker took photos of Mike's car and was able to make this. It was such a hit and it was hilarious because all the little kids at the wedding were calling dibs on the tires and by the end of the night the kids were running aroundwith black teeth. Hee hee.

The disappointing part of the whole process was after all that time and effort we put into detailing the car it started raining cats and dogs. All our work literally down the drain but it made us feel a little better when mike told us that while the photographer was taking photos of them getting into the car, he asked when he got a new car. So not too bad everything considered.

Here's a picture of J and Mike D.

The wedding was beautiful. Anissa was a beautiful bride and the two of them looked so happy.
We're so happy for them and wish them a happy life together.

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