My new toy!

So ever since I started down the road to becoming the next Martha Stewart I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer but I could never justify paying the $300 price tag for it. Well yesterday I caved and bought it but I got it on sale. I love sales. Macy's had a 1 day sale yesterday and were selling the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for $199 and you would get a $20 gift card. Although in my excitement I forgot to get the giftcard. Whoops. But do not fear, I will make sure I get my giftcard. While I'm still going through sticker shock I have several excuses going through my head to console myself of such a pricey purchase.

1) My birthday is on Thursday. So I keep telling myself it's my birthday present to me. Happy birthday to ME!

2) It was on sale for one day. If I have such buyer's remorse I can always take it back but I wouldn't have always been able to get it for $199. J's mother said I got mine for the same price she got her's almost (or was it longer?) than a decade ago. She hasn't seen it at that price in years.

3) I spent four hours at the mall with J's mother helping her find a dress to wear to a friend's wedding this past weekend. I needed something to reward myself for not getting grumpy and surviving the shopping trip.

So with all that being said, here's my new toy. :-)

I'm off to go and make something in it now. I'll post pictures once I've finished making whatever I decide to make. :-)

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  1. Congrats. My KA mixer was the best present from the H ever. He reaps the rewards very often. He'll be enjoying bagels today thanks to my trusty old KA.



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