Kate Gosselin is delusional!

In a recent article in Us Magazine, Kate Gosselin says, "Everybody wants my hairstyle". For more details you can read the article here.

Here's a picture of her haircut.

I can't believe she thinks that anybody in their right mind would want that haircut. I'd rather chop off my arm than get that haircut. And on top of that she wastes a lot of good money for that lame hair cut. If I wanted that haircut I could easily get that by using a flow-be thinga majig you stick on the vacuum or better yet I could lay in the yard while J mowed the grass to get that lame haircut. News flash Kate, nobody wants to be you. Nobody wants to be with you which is why your husband is cheating on you! You're a greedy woman who is using her own children to get rich. I hope that when you get old and can no longer take care of yourself your kids put you in a home and forget all about you. Plus all your money will more than likely be paying for their therapy between now and then since they will have major major issues. Hope it's all worth it.

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