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This year I have decided I want to try and run a half and maybe even a full marathon. I have decided that I want this to be my big goal before J and I start to have kids. Or maybe this is just my excuse to hold off having kids. Hee hee. The most I've run has been 8 miles but after that I found it kind of tricky to find new routes to run in my area. I already have to cross and run alongside a highway. I have been told by J that I can no longer go on one part of my route because it is known to be where the drug dealers have been doing their business. So it's off to find a new route. My favorite free tool is favoriterun.com. It helps me map out my routes. It also gives J a little bit of piece of mind since I can show him which route I intend to run that day. In the event that anything were to happen to me he can drive the route to try and find me. I also am excited because I just bought myself a Garmin Forerunner 50. It helps me track my distance and my heart rate so I can make the most of my workouts. I would love to get one the 405 someday but I just can't justify the price. So for now I'm going to start with my Forerunner 50 and depending on how much I like it (or love it) I may upgrade to a 405 in the future.

Anyway, this week I have stumbled across a minor setback. I learned I can't be healthy and try and save the world at the same time. I went and donated blood on Monday. It's a small thing to do but I've been wanting to do it for years but was uncertain if I could. When I finally did the research and found out I could I was very excited to do my small part to help save lives. I felt fine after giving blood. I didn't feel faint or dizzy like some people warned, despite only being a pound above the minimum weight requirements. I went about my day as normal. I did listen to the advice of the blood center staff when it came to workouts. During the spring semester I was taking a running class which happens to be on Monday and Wednesday. I skipped on Monday. I thought I could go and run yesterday. Now I don't know if it was the lack of blood to carry the necessary oxygen I needed to run effectively or if it was because it was 92 degrees and humid but I could barely run 1 mile. I felt like I was going to pass out. Things started spinning and becoming blurry. I was told it woudl be an adjustment as my body tried to replenish the blood I donated but I never anticipated it hitting me that hard. Of course J was also worried because I have been told I am borderline anemic. Hopefully my workout tonight will go a little better. I'll make sure to try and run when it's cooler outside to maybe see if it was the heat. I refuse to let this little hurdle undo all the training I have been doing for the last several months to run a race. I'm hoping I can be ready in time for the Rock-N-Roll race that's in San Antonio. I guess we'll see. Gotta run!

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