It's been a while...

but life has gotten pretty busy lately. J has been sick for the past week. I started school in the middle of January. I have talked to a school advisor and have found out that if I go the route I'm going I can transfer to Texas State by next summer. So hopefully after that I'm hoping I'll be done by 2012. Yep talk about the 10 year plan. I'm getting there. I guess there's no better time to finish school when the economy sucks and the threat of layoffs is making me nervous. So wish me luck.

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I'm a 36 year old full-time student, runner and shopaholic (not necessarily in that order) mom living in the burbs surrounding the beautiful city of Austin with my husband, our very active 9 year old and our rescue dog Buddy. This blog is my little space of the internet where I let my ADD run loose and I blog about...anything.



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